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Hate and Respect

Madonna Marries Jens

My Empire

Madonna´s Secret

Nuclear War in 2021 or later


The Bielefeld-Existence-Problem

Of course, I too have heard of this strange story. Does Bielefeld exist or not?

How can you prove that?

There are tricks that can be done very quickly. To prove the existence or nonexistence of the whole universe with a brief consideration. In doubt then just 50%.

I would like to offer a more elegant solution that everyone understands.

A person enters a room where a table is standing. On the table is a model of the city of Bielefeld as a symbol of the city. The person says, "I see the city, so it exists."

Can one accept that? No. It could be a deception. A projection or something. We have to be more specific here. We can only acknowledge that the person believes it could be the city. Not more. The person almost 100% believes that the city exists. Why? Because the light illuminates the room. The light is also a symbol of consciousness. The light allows the person to believe in the existence of the city. There is no proof here. It's just a belief.

We cannot prove anything. Everything is based on faith.

The person enters the room again, but the room is dark. What does the person say? The person cannot say, "I do not see the city, so it does not exist." But the person also cannot say that the city exists. What does that mean?

If the light of consciousness is missing, no statement can be made. But faith can still exist. It's like a bet. One believes that one wins the bet, otherwise one would not bet. Faith also exists without proof. Faith replaces reality, so to speak.

In this darkness, we want to state the existence of the city of Bielefeld as a probability. I think it does not bother anyone if I take 50% true and 50% wrong. It's just faith, that's what it's all about.

Conclusion: It's about the faith. In the first case the belief was almost 100%, in the second case only 50% that Bielefeld exists. Assuming for the sake of simplicity that consciousness and unconsciousness are always a mixture whose composition cannot be determined, both should be 50%. Why? In the world, as we know it, there are many 50% to 50% mixtures. Probably because there is usually also a counterpoint to a pole.

Result: Dark room and bright room together make up 100% of the probability. Every single room has 50% of it. The dark room creates a probability of existence of Bielefeld of 50%. The bright room generates a probability of almost 100%. The ratio of existence to nonexistence is 150% to 50%. So 3 : 1. Bielefeld exists to 75% percent. Bielefeld does not exist to 25 %. Like everything in this world. And that's just faith. And that's just human.

- Bright room: 100% existence

- Dark room 50% existence

- Dark room 50% nonexistence

Sum: 150 to 50, 3 to 1, 75% to 25%, then the sum is 100%

2019: The Bielefeld Existence Problem

The Big Cut – 50% Inflation in 2018

Lucky friends!

Maybe there is a secret plan of a triumvirate: Trumpy, Fed-boss, and an anonymous eco-bot.

The plan tries to save the USA by reducing the deadly debt load to the half using a huge inflation. Imagine a devilish inflation of 5% month by month thru 2018. What would that call forth?

Foreigners owning bonds would lose tremendously. Very low salaries, wages, entitlements, and others have to be increased by 5% monthly. The remaining population would lose gravely, that’s the Devil’s thirst.

Imports would swallow up tidy sums. Pricier goods and services involve that a part of the economy goes under. Just catharsis.

That be the salvation. America first.

Is there any indication of considering that plan? Yes, to strive for autarky, less imports, is a secular sign of introducing such act.

It’s a sine qua non. They would not regret having done that.

God bless you!

Jolly Jens from Germany


2018: To an American magazine


A force blitzed the Earth.

In divine authority a work was accomplished.

Conceiving souls soaring into God’s sphere.


2020: Beethoven


The one is the one because the other is the other. The other is not the one because one is not the other.

The one and the other is a conscious existence being based on mutuality.

If everything is one, there is nothing else. Nothing. No time. No consciousness. Nothing can come into being from nothingness.

So the beginning was not nothingness. The beginning was time, was consciousness.

2020: Nothingness

Hate and Respect

The human hates the human because the human is different.

The human seeks itself in all the things. But the human cannot be everything, must allow otherness, otherwise it would be ruined.

The human growths in variety and communication with this variety – not in loneliness and monotony.

Respect opposes hate. Respect for opinion and life of others is a consequence of spiritual development. A developed society integrates everybody and excludes nobody.

2020: Hate and Respect

Madonna Marries Jens

One does not know. Maybe, maybe not.

My Empire

My empire is my consciousness. It is a purely spiritual empire.

My struggle, my adventure, my fall and my final victory only take place inside me.

Whoever enters this spiritual empire is under my care.

The first to follow me will be the leaders of tomorrow.

2020: My Empire

Madonna's Secret

Since the day I opened my Third Eye, I have been radiating my thoughts into the cosmos. Anyone who adjusts to my cosmic frequency can read my thoughts. - It works like the radio, which can be tuned to the frequency of a station.

There can be a mental connection to every woman and every man based on this principle.

Madonna meditated and received my thoughts. It is like a small radio that constantly receives the moderator's voice in her head - continuously. She hears every thought, every second. She even receives visual impressions that I don't think about.

Whether one will go crazy? She cannot and does not want to put that off. She is curious, always wants to know everything. She is the American top spy and has been listening to me for years.

Another man would be just darkness for her. She knows everything about me. Really everything. Who will she choose then?

In the end, I am the winner. And if you want to know more, just ask her.

2020: Madonnas’s Secret

Nuclear war in 2021 or later

I have examined and evaluated the prophecies. Accordingly, there should be a new war. How can something like that happen? According to the prophecies and my own considerations, it could be as follows:

An aggressive war is triggered by tensions in the Russian population and military considerations. Russia invades Turkey, this can happen before the great war proper.

Russia's interest in the entire Black Sea region with access to the Mediterranean plays a major role here.

The United States' attitude is like a declaration of war, whereupon Russia responds in an unexpected, very rapid and extremely strong escalation.

A military plan comes into effect:

Several thousand tanks roll through Germany, have to take a southern course. The reason:

A big bomb, maybe a hydrogen bomb, is dropped in the North Sea. This destroys the entire Navy of England, France, Germany. Northern Germany is destroyed by a huge wave up to Hanover, half of England is under water.

The following cities are completely destroyed: Berlin, London, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Prague, New York.

But the war lasts three days only, maybe 150 million dead. Then Russia is finished, is divided.

I don't know if this will happen. My estimate, taking into account the free will, which can change everything: 70 to 80 percent that a nuclear war will be triggered in the second half of 2021.

What does that mean? If 2021 comes five times, there will be war four times.

It could happen later, but maybe not. Man has free will. Everything can change at any time.

2020: Nuclear war


A dual leadership: Madonna and Jens.

Who would have thought that? Why did it take so long?

Perfection takes long - eternally.


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2020: Messiah