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Age and Wisdom

Death Valley


The inner aspect of your being is the being itself as it really is. The striving (inner) aspect arises from the striving of this being for another, a changed being. The outward aspect is the outward effect of your being as others see and judge you. The aspect of appearance is the striving for another appearance, another effect on others.

You are only that what you really are. Only the inner aspect is what you are. Nothing else. Your striving relates to the striving aspect. Striving is no necessity. Just be thankful and do your duty, stay in the inner aspect, untouched by the outward.

Your material being lives in the aspect of appearance. There you are in the hell, which is infinitely far away from your inner self, from your inner aspect.

I know that all your thinking and doing lives in the aspect of appearance. You cannot fool me. All that what you have thought and done, all that what you will ever think and do – I have already thought and done that. For me you are like a revealing child. You think if you hid under a material cover, you would be invisible to me. How naive!

You live in appearances, in material being. You believe in a reality which you really are not, and in which you cannot lastingly exist.

Remind yourself of you, of your inner aspect of being. Here you really are. Here you are you yourself.


You live in your own world of imperfection. There you shall grow perfect. In your own world you can attain your own perfection.

With you hesitating in your world, another world is going to force its perfection on you. What you have not managed in your light world, you will never manage that in a strange world.


Do not wait that others take your life away from you. Take it yourself. Be yourself. You yourself are your church. Here pray and meditate on your own self. You are your God; your life, you yourself are that.

See yourself. Go deep into your inner. Feel yourself in the innermost of your being. You are that.

Every world is created here in your inner. You yourself are the creator. Worlds, let them be gone. Your own shine alone counts here.

Pray and pray for yourself. Meditate on yourself. You are the church in which you wake up. Recognize your beeing; you shall be that. Be only pure being; you shall be that.

Happiness and Peace

Then I sit at the window and have a rest. The fresh air cools me, and at the same time I become tired, see the deep blue in the Third Eye and feel the quiet and the peace after the work is done.

From afar I hear noises of work. In this while I come closest to happiness. Yet I sense that everything is done and simultaneously I exist universally in total quietness.

Whiles I weep a tear – had I forgotten it then?

Age and Wisdom

Do not underestimate the might of age. The older you grow the more the might of age wears you down. You cannot hold up the decay of your body, turn into a slobbering oldie, must be changed like a baby.

Use the wisdom of the age as an equal opponent. The might of wisdom suppresses the might of age.

Wisdom and age are aligned allies evoking the vibration of life to bring about transformation and immortality.

Have yourself lived by the age, have yourself taken by wisdom, turn into eternity.

Death Valley

I don’t know love. I don’t know gratefulness. My material being lies like Death Valley. The sun of the spirit has dried me out. So the cosmic wind causes a sacred rumbling in me.

Deep within myself is the eternal blue of consciousness in the last water of life – my Third Eye.

For the life I am dead. I live for the death. The death is just a transformation. A floating, a gliding into the being of the spirit.


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