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My Time


Accomplished Intelligence


My Time, Your Time, Eternity

My Time

The time in which I discovered my time - it is over; you are untouched by that.

My time, in which I live - you cannot reach it; gone by, the world which bore me.

In me is the primeval bottom of this world which makes you forget what happened at one time. You are blinded and just see appearances; behind that is no being for you.

I am too old; you are too young. Lonesomely must I live, must I see your decline.


Eliminating allergens, decimating proteins, balancing minerals, optimizing herbals; in my witch kitchen do I practise witchcraft, do I eat little witches.

Accomplished Intelligence

Intelligence tries to show itself by describing things in their complicatedness.

That is not enough for accomplished intelligence; it wants to see the complicatedness in its simpleness.

You have become entangled in complicatedness. Free yourself from that. Become free, become simple. See that you know nothing; begin to understand.

Comprehend the inner being of all the things. See the different perspectives which create the reality. Every eye sees. All eyes are one.


But be light and go safely, heaviness comes quite by itself, then you must be prepared.

If you do not have the state to preserve mass, then do not long for it. Do not wish for agony for which there is no elusion until you are lead up.

What beast do you want then, the one that eats you up? When skin and sinews tear, you come to be a course of meat. Feet and joints plague, you cannot even carry yourself; have bred your folly, now you are lame. - The master´s hand, you did not take his, never saw his light.

My Time, Your Time, Eternity

I saw myself only as an observer of time. I have observed time and have turned into time.

Everything goes by me. Each one inner clock is tuned to me. Whoever is slow must go by. Whoever goes too fast will fall.

Every time is my time. I alone reign in my realm of time.

My time is the transparency of this world in my consciousness encompassing you all. I look thru everything straightly into your heart, into your clock, into your being.

You recognize me as being you yourself; it is me who lives in you and gives your time the beat. Only my time can immortalize your time.

Your time be the sound of my thoughts, for ever never going by, pervading everything, determining everything.

Be one with me in your time and eternity is thine.


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