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Asthma, addendum

Crumble diet

Cosmic Religion

USA adios


The Devil´s Three Golden Hairs

18 years of heavy asthma prompted me to become a herbalist. In search of healing I revealed asthma´s secret, comprising three parts. The whole thing is about purification, and there are some herbs doing that quite well.

1) For the inner organs I tried xxx and xxx, combined with a special mix of three herbs for blood cleansing. Furthermore, I took xxx and xxx to strengthen the xxx. In order to lighten xxx´s load, I took xxx on H. H. v. Bingen´s recommendation. - The payoff was one third.

2) For a better flow of blood thru the finest canals, I took xxx grabbed in the nearby supermarket. 4 hours later I felt blood circulation where the finest canals reside. I felt a circulation where usually the head goes bald. For a better purification I picked xxx in front of my house. This wunderkraut has the power to clean coronary arteries. The devil´s hand touched me with its fingers on the left heart side. Later the fine canals surrounding the heart were flooded. In this case I maintained a certain time-distance from the other herbs. Within days my eyes were cleaned. An immense brightness was the result.

In addition, I tried xxx, but it didn´t diminish my asthma. Instead it removed slime in my lungs completely, and it cuts every rheumatic process.

I tested some vegetables bought just around the corner. xxx burned the dirt away in the following night: one point in my right foot, three points in my left wrist, one point in my right wrist, one point in my right eye. Yes, I was gouty and dirty. (dirty anyway, you know what I mean, X ...)

xxx is 90% of purification. The payoff was a second third.

3) For the recovery of xxx, a quasi daughter of the xxx, which is also responsible for blood cleansing, I just put simple xxx to the a. m. mix for my breakfast. There I have raw fruit which burdens the xxx. - Troika!

So what is the devil´s hair? Hair means capillary. The devil controls ailment by his wisdom about the three capillaries. Yes, I plucked the three hairs offf his head. Here they are:

The first is a tree I cannot see.

The other has a brother; its cavity nearly killed me.

The third is a bird flying in the sky, opening my eye.

I take the secret to the grave, you go my way as a slave.

Otherwise no paradise.

Asthma, addendum

My experience showed many causes for asthma, not only the a. m. purification is needed, in some cases other methods can help:

1. Electrolyte equilibrium: Especially the main minerals x and y must be balanced. Everybody has different optimal relations. 5-15%

2. Various oils and their combinations with certain minerals. First and foremost the valuable x-oil in combination with y. 5%

3. Furthermore, the well-known z-oil found in bonbons. It has an effect similar to Volmac. 5-10%

4. Xxx-enzyme. It makes the beggar into a king, has 1000 effects, works against cancer, cures asthma within 2 days. 10-50%

5. Imbalance during digestion. Here we have simple xx-herb. It smoothes down breathing, cures the lungs.

6. Clean air.

7. Diet. Diet. Diet.

8. Fat and protein burden the body. Throw in some diet phases.

9. Protein (and growth) puts a lot of strain on the zzz. Inflammations of eyes and ears are symptoms. So we take xx together with protein.


I am on diet - but now for ever. I don´t want to hear anything about it. Don´t talk the talk, go the go on hunger strike.

One or two days a week, just eat some crumbs. That´s all.

It´s a good idea to make the diet-day anti-cancer-day. Everybody has some cancer cells to be flushed out.


- apples

- beer mixed with banana

- sheep´s milk cheese

- pineapple, papaya, figs, dates

- citrus fruit

- popcorn/sesame/cashew

Yeah, I am a chatterbox. A little gift because I´ll be 44 next month. Hoping that my fine girlfriend Madonna transfers the requested 2 million, so to speak in compensation for her sins. And then I would like the castle, the vineyard, the Rolls ...

Cosmic Religion

a) I hereby declare every religion null and void.

b) Everyone shall found and live one`s own religion inwards.

c) THE BIBLE OF THE BODYBUILDER and Evolution are worthy guides.

I give you two commandments:

1) See yourself in everything.

2) Strive for perfection.

from Evolution

USA adios

They eat themselves. Beginning in 2005 they destroy their economy by the amount of the budget. In other words: They destroy New York every year.

90% of the armed forces are just well payed unemployed. Buying power sinks, inflation rises. Investors are facing a hard time.

1000 companies die - per day; costs of Iraq, oil, social welfare, decreasing building trade (...), increasing unemployment loom ahead; living on a high cost level, debts and misinvestments - a death spiral.

Titanic sends respects.


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