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W. A. Mozart


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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I listen to your strains, the sphere of his being.

You are my ear, my heart and God's smart.

Deeply you have touched me, led my heart to God.


You comprehend the vastness of your life only thru the depth of your inner. Your inner life creates the change of your outward world. Decisions, steps and results are just stages of your inner life. So go into you to find the vastness. So change yourself to alterate your world. So recognize yourself to conquer the world.

Go deep into you. Realize that in your depth the world is at home. Here you shall seek and find. Here is the beginning of your life. See yourself in your inner world, which you are, and in which you act.

Return home, linger in you; do not entangle yourself in the outer world – let it go. Take the vastness of your heart, the freedom of your spirit, and the eternity of your consciousness. Take what you want, but pay the price. Inwardness costs outwardness; outwardness costs inwardness.

Do you want to be a giver or a beggar? Only reality can really be given. The outer world is just shine, don't let yourself be deceived; live the reality of your inner, only then can you be giver. Then see the beggars, they have let themselves be deceived, they believe in the appearance.

Material humans are not worth the dirt on which they go. Their lifes are a waste. Their freedom is their death. Materialness decays, spiritualness stays.

Be thine, shun the shine. Live in your world and take for yourself what keeps you alive. Be in the deepness of your being, experience the vastness of your existence. Let matter be materiality, forget the material shine. Live your life in you, here you can be eternal; here is the spiritual sun, outside just the material shine.

from Evolution

I work

Search for me in consciousness, there am I at home. You can find me as I work and live there. You look oddly. Do you mean I just sleep?

Listen, think about where I could be. Go into you, knock at my door. It is still. I say nothing.

Come in and look at me how I am there. I say nothing.

Take your place at my table and eat of this bread. I pour the wine for you. Your eyes glisten. You like it. I say nothing.

I put on my work shoes, begin the work of the day. – You stand up. You go away.


In you is all the might which you can ever have. The way into the outer world deprives you of your might.

Go the inner way. Go into you. Fight the fight in you. Here, in the eternal realm of consciousness, you will be the king. King of all kings and not the bondsman in the material being.

Immerse yourself. Feel the spirit in you which stands above all that. Be one with it and you feel no difference. You act, you decide; you are that.

Feel yourself in your might and you see that you yourself have created all that. Your world is your world. Comprehend yourself. Recognize yourself. Let your eyes see who you are. You are it.

from Evolution


Became the lighthouse, radiate a light; I do not leave my place. Ships which sail; captains who see; houses which stand.

I am a stone now and will be forever; out of me beams a light, it doesn't go by.

Would I have ever thought that I shine at night? There sleep I and keep up. Ships which stand; captains who go.

Is the house a beautiful house and a habitation too. I look at the sea, sail it no more. Can see captains who stand. Eyes into eyes trusties.

from Evolution


Child, when you are grown-up, you shall learn who I am. Child, when you die, you'll know that I am your only friend.

You shall learn what all the generations have left to you. Use your time for the time of generations that you realize it and expand your realization.

You will see that I am the end of all generations. Know the time of generations, see into my eyes and see with my eyes.

Experience the suffering of all generations and become the yearning which has created me.

from Evolution


I want to pray now.

'Thank you, Lord, for the meal you gave me.'

I never want to pray again. Never again shall prayers leave my lips. In the lasting praying of my soul, I only feel my heart I cannot leave.

Even so very you hope, so very I have immersed myself in me that nothing more can open me. My lips are closed; my heart is open.

Stillness is in me. There prays sadness for eternity. My heart affords insight. Never again can I speak. Never again can I forget.

from Evolution

New health insurance system


1)The patient can choose treatment, doctor and drugs.

2)Doctors must have price-lists (gratis) for their customers. Free pricing.

3)The patient receives an invoice which is settled by health insurance.

4)The monthly payable contributions are increased by an individual extra charge.

5)Lifelong extra charge:

The monthly extra charge shall be a half percent of the accumulated costs per member. The costs are updated constantly.

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