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Masterplate silber

Number and size of cards

- The PDF-files are for DIN A6 (105 x 148 mm)

- A6 cards are printed on one side

- The number of pages is equal to the number of cards

Quality of cards and printer

- Choose the quality you like for your A6 cards

- Laser printer: smooth paper only

- Ink-jet printer: hammered paper, hand-made paper etc

- Black and white print

- The margins are large enough so that even old printers should have no problem


- Standard punch for the holes

- Every card is punched one at a time with two holes

- A shoelace (90 cm) is pulled through the holes

- A shorter lace must not be taken

- On the back of the book, the ends are knotted together (10 cm distance from the ends)

- Now the cards are freely movable, can be laid out side by side or on top of each other


- A cover is not needed

- However, you can take paper for the front and the rear

- You can take thicker paper or cardboard etc

- For plastic you take a standard punch as well

- Plastic can be cut off from an application folder or so


- The book can hang on a nail

- You can put it round your neck

- Cards can be detached to put them on the wall

- The reverse sides are good for notes

- Paper of high quality gives you a rarity


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